How to do Singapore in 48 hours or less

When I first decided to go to Singapore it was because I found a super cheap flight there from Thailand. Not knowing much about Singapore the mystery sparked my curiosity and intrigue to venture to this city.

So, as any good world citizen would do before journeying to a new country, I did my research. Singapore was probably the furthest thing from what I had imagined. By this time at the end of my five week journey through Southeast Asia, I had only two days to enjoy this amazing city-state. However, as I left Singapore to disembark back to the USA, I felt satisfied that I had truly seen the heart of Singapore, and I can’t wait to return one day.


1. The Marina Bay Gardens

The Marina Bay Gardens feels like you have left earth and landed in the James Cameron, Avatar film. It’s incredible. AND it’s free. (Maybe I didn’t mention that homegirl was on a BUDGET). The Gardens are huge and there are a lot of different exhibits you can walk through. We stuck with the main section and still were taking pictures for over thirty minutes at night and the next morning. As the lights change on the trees, it is mesmerizing and romantic. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it before.

2. Chinatown and Little India

Yes, there is a Chinatown in almost every major city, but something about the Chinatown in Singapore was a bit different. If you go a little earlier, the chaos and tourist rush is nowhere in sight. The street vendors are very friendly and will help you to find what you want even if it isn’t in their shop. My goal in the whole trip was to find chopsticks engraved with my name. I found them and lots of other cool and unique items in Singapore. Also, the food was bomb. Maybe I was craving Chinese food that reminded me of my Chinese-American guilty pleasures, but it was delicious.


3. The Singapore Art Museum and Museum of Singapore

One thing I enjoy about traveling is learning about the history of these countries from their perspective. In school, history had a shade of American-bias dripping off of it. But the Museum of Singapore takes you throughout Singapore’s history in a beautiful way that emphasizes their cultural movements and how it became the incredible city-state that it is now.

I would also suggest the Singapore Art Museum. While we were there it was closed and a family exhibit across the road took the place temporarily, however, that exhibit was very well thought out and I’m sure reflects how great the regular museum is.


F299B325-D9E8-40BE-9087-C35FC4CDD04B (Edited)

4. Take tons of pictures of the skyline

Singapore is an incredibly designed city. Take time to walk around the Marina Bay Area and take tons of pictures. Of course, pictures never really do the actual thing justice.

Singapore was one of the destinations that really stood out to me in my five weeks in Asia. While it was modern and somewhat Westernized, I believe Singapore takes a step further that I don’t see in the States. There was art everywhere. It was purposefully clean and there was an obvious sense of pride felt. Maybe the laws in Singapore are very strict, but the people also take lots of efforts to maintain their community. I would definitely suggest making it a destination for your next Southeast Asia adventure.


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